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My Sense of Gun Control

Both my wife & I support the 2nd Amendment, have fully vetted concealed carry licenses, own 2 registered semi-automatic hand guns & 1 semi-auto rifle. Oh, and we're democrats.

  • The 2nd amendment was adopted based on America's threats, assets, resources and technology in 1791. Guns in 1791 could only fire 1 inaccurate short range round per minute. The US population was only 4 million so every able-bodied citizen needed a gun because our nation needed “well regulated armed militias” to protect our newly won freedoms.

  • The 2020 population is now 331 million and America’s threats, assets, resources and technology have evolved lightyears beyond our founding father’s wildest imagination. Guns can now fire hundreds of rounds per minute and we have the most powerful armed forces on the globe so no longer need armed militias.

  • The original premise for the right to bear arms has changed from needing well regulated armed militias for defense of our nation to the defense of self, family, business and community from criminals, the mentally ill and domestic terrorists.

  • Congress has already prohibited specific classes of people (felons) and weapons (Fully automatic weapons and sawed-off shotguns) from the 2nd amendment. Military type assault rifles were prohibited between 1994 and 2004.

I believe that accountability is the key to reducing gun related violence.

  • Specific mental illness diagnoses should trigger a prohibition to buy or own a gun. Military style assault rifles need to be prohibited from sale to the general public without a carry license.

  • We have the technology to combine and enhance existing databases and establish guidelines for mentally ill reporting that will enable comprehensive vetting for gun ownership.

  • Weapons training or equivalence, national carry licensing and gun registration need to be mandated for purchasing and owning guns.

  • Authorities need license and registration information to know: 1. Who owned the guns that were used to commit a crimes. 2. Which individuals diagnosed with a specific mental illnesses or convicted of a felony have guns that now need to be confiscated or reregistered and re-homed. 3. Where responsible, specifically trained gun owners are if they are needed to assist in case of emergency.

My responses to Nick Freitas (1 - 7)

1. Nick - Why do mass shootings happen in gun free zones?:

  • “Gun free zones” is a an attempt to redirect the conversation. Are we going to arm the teachers in our schools, bartenders in the night clubs, band members at concerts and the ushers in theaters? This solution only benefits gun manufacturers and the NRA and would escalate the confusion during an attack causing more innocent casualties from friendly fire. Updated databases, mandatory vetting and hardening these facilities is a better option.

2. Nick - Planned parenthood:

  • I don’t understand this reference in the context of gun violence.? The NRA contributed $54 million in 2016 to ensure opposition to gun control. Planned Parenthood spent $13 million to ensure their continued support of women’s needs and rights. Only 5% of Planned Parenthood’s budget goes to abortions. All of the NRA’s budget goes to supporting gun manufacturers and unfiltered gun ownership.

3. Nick - Afraid that liberals won’t stop at common sense gun control if it doesn’t get the desired results:

  • Gun control advocates just want to know that all reasonable steps were taken to reduce gun related deaths.

  • Abolishing the 2nd amendment or seizing personally owned guns is not a reasonable or possible solution.

4. Nick - Why isn’t gun violence down in places like Chicago where there are strict gun laws?

  • When guns aren’t readily available like in Chicago they are acquired elsewhere nearby. Nationwide gun control is needed to reduce gun acquisition by criminals.

5. Nick - Government systematic disarming of citizens.

  • I’ll need examples of this. I can’t recall this ever happening.

6. Nick - We should have the right to defend ourselves.

  • Using a gun defensively is fine as long as you’re a responsible vetted gun owner.

Final thought: Nothing we do will stop gun violence right away. But doing nothing will never stop it. Every common sense adjustment to our gun laws will have a cumulative effect. Don't despair. ridge

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