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Behind Success Lies Failure

I get so mad at myself sometimes! I'm convinced there is either something fundamentally wrong in my psyche or willpower is a just a fickle master and it isn't my fault. I hope it's the latter but I suspect it's the former.

Most of us have one or more passions in our life beside the primary, our family. We make significant investments in time and money to help ensure we enjoy and master the things that make us happy. If we consider all the sacrifices made by us and our families it follows that we should do our very best to maximize our chance of success so they weren't made in vain. I could accept my failures but to waste my family's time and support is unacceptable! And it's not like maximizing my chances of success is difficult or strenuous. Each failure might seem insignificant on their own but over time they add up and the odds increase that I'm going to miss out on "the big one" that rarely comes along and that could actually be my defining accomplishment.

As pappy used to say; "You can't make a living on a large volume of small losses" but it might be impossible to succeed without a large volume of small failures. Especially when failure is only a missed opportunity.

So I'm going to pull up my big boy boxers and just do it! If I fail, at least I tried.:

  • Stop the damn car or turn it around and go back for the five minutes it will take to get what might be a once in a lifetime photograph.

  • When blog magic strikes at 3:30am, I'll roll over, turn on the light, grab my note pad and write it down instead of laying there knowing I'll forget it if I don't, and I do every time.

If these scenarios sound familiar, and I'll bet they do, I hope you'll do better too. ridge

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