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Got Dem Ol' Covid Blues

If you aren't a fan of "herd immunity" you may be suffering from what I call the COVID Blues. We usually put 20k to 35k miles on our car every year but this year. we haven't logged enough miles to even need an oil change.

Props to Boxed, Walmart grocery+ curbside pickup, Amazon Prime, CountryWine&Spirits :) and OmahaSteaks . Without these resources and others these last 8 months and it looks like the next 5 or 6 would be very different.

In the early days of the initial COVID lockdown we went a little stir crazy. "What do you want to do? I don't know, what do you want to do?", but once we figured out that we didn't have to do everything together 100% of the time things got easier. GiGi and I have settled into a very comfortable and independent (when we want it to be) schedule of daily activities. We are lucky to have multiple and diverse interests and enough intellectual time on our hands as we all do right now to explore them. Maybe you will find some similitude or get some ideas from our ways of coping with our new normal.

1. Sitting around all day watching the boob tube can turn your brain to jelly so find something that gets those lazy synapses firing. We keep a Scrabble game open 24/7 so that we can sit down anytime the mood strikes. Sometimes we both get the urge at the same time which is really cool but no pressure.

2. You might be surprised how much talent you have but never attempted and now you have the time to experiment. GiGi is an artist so when inspiration hits her she's at her easel up in the studio. She has experimented with new mediums this year.

3. Several years ago I started a document just for me called Ridge's Rants where I write in detail how I feel about important issues affecting our lives. Writing things down surprised and enlightened me but more importantly it solidified my positions and gave me the confidence to put myself out there unafraid of public scrutiny. GiGi and I both blog so we spend a lot of time with our computers in our laps. Rory is always available for collaboration.

4. I gained a real appreciation for photography 27 years ago thanks to my brother in law who has a degree in it and taught me to develop and print film. In the last year I've discovered that digital

art photography is my passion.

5. If you know enough about something that you can help others or just have a story in you then write a book.

I was in the golf business for many years and wrote, rewrote & rewrote a book based on my experiences teaching golf.

GiGi is working on a book now based on a very well received facebook journal of hers.

6. If you like to eat, a lot of fun can be had in the kitchen. Pour a glass of wine and nibble on a plate of shrimp while you expand your culinary skills. Invest in some good knives, pots & pans and both of you can challenge each other for chef status. There are great deals at William Sonoma online and outlet stores, especially if you're a veteran and join their Key Rewards program.

7. Now we need to walk off that meal to keep from expanding more than just our activity repertoire. I purchased a used walker with a big basket up front. GiGI and I try to walk 2 miles each day with Rory. Being a Scottie is very busy on the outward mile sniffing, peeing and scratching on all his old buddies favorite spots so it's slow going. I take a camera with me as a distraction. GiGi takes apples for the cows and horses. Rory is our age now and runs out of steam after a little more than a mile so he asks to get into the basket and I chauffeur him home.

8. Finally we spend our evenings watching a variety of shows including our favorite soaps, thats right, soaps, Amazon Prime, Netflix and HULU series as well as Hallmark holiday movies. We juggle episodes of the series but the occasional binge day happens and we go to bed numb.

I always look forward to tomorrow's experiences with GiGi and Rory, my best friends. I hope you can find ways to do more than just survive this pandemic. Embrace the situation, love who you're with and help them love you. ridge

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