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A Good God, Mask On Mask Off

Let's explore the rationale that people have espoused for not wanting to wear a mask. The three main arguments being:

One: Mask mandates infringe on their constitutional guarantee of freedom.

Two: Faith will protect them and if God wants them to catch COVID then so be it.

Three: Going for herd immunity.

These are extremely important arguments right now as the pandemic's effects are reaching critical mass. I implore everyone to examine your motivations in light of the inevitable consequences.

Yes, our constitution guarantees certain rights and freedoms, but freedom isn't free. "It's just another word for nothing left to lose" and thats just what we'll have if we don't fight for it. This fight is against an invisible enemy as the president called it, but an enemy just the same. Our weapons for this fight aren't guns, just the willpower to wear face masks and self distance.

Righteous and moral responsibilities to protect your fellow Americans in a national emergency against a deadly pandemic is our call to arms as much as any war was in the past. Here’s your chance to earn the freedom you are asserting. Don’t hide behind the constitution if you’re not willing to fight for it.

Ironically these same freedom seekers are the loudest voice against closing parts of the economy to curb infection when the closings are largely their fault for not wearing a mask in public. The freedom they're claiming is robbing the rest of us of our freedom of normalcy and most assuredly our health or life. You won't ever know who you saved from this virus by wearing a mask but please know that you did. There's no excuse for being an apathetic spreader of this virus.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few; Or the one".

Now for the "God will protect me and if God wants me to get sick so be it" excuse. My God isn't cruel, vindictive, assuming or stupid. God gave us a brain so we can protect ourselves from life's inherent dangers. God gave us his words so we know to love and keep and protect our fellow man. When life was created it would have been ridiculous to assume it wouldn't evolve and sometimes become dangerous. Think of COVID as you would lions and tigers escaping from the zoo. Would you be ok with your neighbors being harmed or killed or would you do everything possible to prevent it? The human race's intelligence has greatly increased since creation. We haven't gotten any smarter but experience and intellectual curiosity over thousands or years has eroded our ignorance. We now know how to protect ourselves from viruses and marauding lions and tigers. This virus might be man-made or it could simply be a naturally occurring mutation. Life will find a way and sometimes it isn't pretty. God isn't out to get us and it's God's gift of intelligence that will protect us. Sitting back, doing nothing and waiting for God's divine intervention is very ignorant and dangerous and I think a blasphemous way to behave in the face of this or any malevolent force. Oh yeh, whether God will protect you isn't nearly as important as whether you will protect your neighbors.

The herd immunity thing isn't even a little bit viable for two reasons. First if the current mortality rate prevails we would lose millions of lives trying to achieve the 70% infection rate necessary for herd immunity to be effective. Second, a vaccination is imminent and herd immunity is only achievable through vaccination. ridge

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