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Golf's Brutal Truth

This is a shameless attempt to plug my book. It is available now to download on our website & Apple Books. I'd love to hear what you think.

If you'd like a remote swing analysis have someone take a short video of your driver swing from a position facing you and another one from behind the ball. You can also do the same with an 8 iron. You must be hitting a ball. Please include a note telling me about the ball's flight. Send them to me using the email icon above.



Chapter 1

Who is this fool? So, why are you even bothering to read a book that is confirming why you’ve gone as far at this game as you ever will? Either you’re a glutton for punishment and you need the truth to exist or maybe, just maybe you are the exception. First you’ll want a warm fuzzy that the author knows more than you do. So, who is this fool? I was in the golf business for a very long time, as a student, player, pro-shop owner, club maker, club fitter and teacher. My father was a PGA professional. I owned and operated The Golf Exchange and later Magee Golf Company in central Florida from 1980 to 2008. I believed that my customers were my best advertising so I offered free unlimited lessons to my new club buyers. I averaged 3 lessons a day, 6 days a week, 45 weeks a year for 23 years; do the math. I learned what works and what doesn’t as well as who can improve and who can’t. Now, go get a golf club., like a six iron. I can’t teach without a club in my hand and I’ve never seen anyone learn without one in theirs’. I’m not kidding. Go get one! I’ll wait. Golf instructors are the most frustrated demographic on this earth. Their students rarely have enough time to practice but expect great shots anyway. Yeah I’m talking about you. Hand-eye coordination and muscle memory develop slowly or never. You can’t will it to happen and it won’t happen on the golf course by just playing golf. Focused, repetitive practice is the only way to improve hand-eye coordination and muscle memory so stop right now if all you plan to do is read about it. Most golfers never invest in a professional lesson and those that do never learn why the ball goes where it does. They just keep trying to do what the pro tells them to do. This rote style of instruction works for some people some of the time, but has to be repeated by too many people too much of the time. I think it’s an evil plot hatched by the PGA to keep their pro’s employed. If the principles of ball flight and the rationale for the basic swing fundamentals were explained in the beginning, lesson time would decrease, proficiency would increase and 4 hour rounds might again be a reality. The average score might even drop below 105. Many golfers use instructional books and videos instead of asking for help. This approach is dangerous unless the golfer understands which individual swing fault or faults are causing their problems. Nothing ruins a golf swing faster than working on a problem that doesn’t exist. The actual instructional portion of this book isn’t very long because I’ve only included the stuff that works. By the time you finish the “Cause & Effect” chapter you should have a better understanding of the three swing factors that most influence a golf ball in flight. Once armed with that information you will be better able to self-diagnose and repair your swing during the course of play where you don’t have the benefit of an instructor. We have been brought up to believe that unless we can make our bodies duplicate the swings of the masters we can’t play a decent game of golf. Nonsense! If we were all built the same and possessed equal abilities this approach might have merit, but we aren’t and we don’t, so it doesn’t. We can’t all learn the same swing. I’m going to explain how to diagnose your swing faults by watching the flight of the ball. Most golfers aren’t stupid, just misguided and stubborn. My experience has proven that once you understand what influences ball flight, you can make the necessary adjustments to correct it. Yeah, right. We have all heard that there is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. When it comes to golf the so-called right way isn’t always the only way, or even a possibility. You can probably do it your way better than you can do it “the right” way. Bobby, Arnie, Jack, Gene, Chi Chi, Gary, Raymond, Lee and Ben certainly did it their way! Almost all the “Masters” found their own way. ridge

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