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COVID Smovid

Remember after you quit smoking, every time the phone would ring or you'd pour a cup of coffee we'd instinctively reach for our cigarettes only to realize I'd given up my 2nd favorite thing. That's kinda what this feels like but not. I can't count how often I've wanted to go to a restaurant or call our friends to go antiquing or hang out solving the worlds problems but then it hits me that I've given up doing those things too. Yes because it's potentially harmful to my health and might even kill me but more because I can't trust other people to wear a damn mask. I'm stuck here in my cocoon because of other peoples bad behavior and it sucks! What the hell is wrong with people? I know, herd immunity, but can't they do the math? At the current mortality rate nearly 8 million people will have to die to achieve herd immunity!

A lot of things are only reasonable in a national health crisis. Wearing a mask and closing businesses where people have shown irresponsibility or where it would be impossible to distance properly are some of them. What’s un-American is that type of rhetoric and the people that falsely hide behind our constitution claiming individual rights and liberties are being infringed on when those same people are endangering everyone they come in contact with by not wearing a mask. If everyone would wear a mask those businesses might never have had to close in the first place. Most of our nearly 400,000 dead are on the heads of the 45th administration that worry more about their personal rights than protecting their fellow Americans. They can’t be so ignorant that they don’t know it’s the right thing to do.

All responsible mask wearers need to quietly avoid all public interior spaces that are at the time occupied by non-mask wearers. We have to protect ourselves and our household members. Avoiding the people alone might prevent them from infecting you directly but they are breathing and touching everything you need to handle too. I appreciate the precautions our grocery store takes on our behalf but it's all for naught when someone can just remove their mask after entering and shed their germs for us to pick up. How long will it take before businesses get serious about enforcing their mask mandates. ridge

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